Elm Street Consulting offers an array of capacity building services to sole proprietors, nonprofits, small businesses and educational institutions who are not in a financial position to hire a full-time grant writer, marketing and advertising professional, business writer or even a full-time Executive Director. Contract only for the services you need and save money when compared to the cost of hiring an employee. Call Elm Street Consulting today for a free consultation.


Services for Sole Proprietors & Small Businesses


  • Business Start-up or Expansion Planning

  • Marketing & Public Relations

  • Photography

  • Business Writing Services

  • Event Planning

  • Staff Training & Team Building Workshops

  • Grant Writing & Grant Search Services





Services for



  • Grant Writing & Grant Search Services

  • 501©(3) document prep and submission

  • Program Planning & Evaluation

  • Strategic Planning

  • Fundraising & Event Planning

  • Marketing & Public Relations

  • Photography

  • Staff/Board Training & Team Building Workshops

  • Executive Director Services


Services for Educational Institutions



  • Grant Writing & Grant Search Services

  • Curriculum Development & Evaluation

  • Teacher Professional Development Workshops

  • Student Enrichment Programs

  • Team Building Workshops 

  • Marketing & Public Relations

  • Photography

  • Event Planning




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